Episode 1 of Rush Hour Comedy Radio – The Addiction

Check out the new website for Rush Hour Comedy Radio at www.rushhourcomedyradio.com

Special thanks to all the voice actors who lent their voices to me to help make the first episode possible!

List of voice actors, in order of appearance:

Gary Mason as Angelo, the Cop

Zane Sexton as Sam Lumpkin

Sam Kim as Jake the Cop

Chad Burris as the Old Man in Jail

Janie Kol as Marianne, the Property Clerk

Maggie LeVine as Gloria the lawyer

Lec Zorn as Judge Watson

Niki Galiano as Sam’s Mom

Annabel from Replica studios as the receptionst

Nick Massey as Jack

Keith Harvey as Eric the Counselor

Bethany Ray as Yolanda

Anya Barreiro as Sandy

Chad Burris as Bob 

Sonam Dhalawat as Jyoti

Michael Brooks as Carlos

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